Coming up on STAN (late 2019)

Synthi100. Courtesy of the Victorian College of the Arts where I am currently doing an artist residency (finishing November 2019)

Synthi100. Courtesy of the Victorian College of the Arts where I am currently doing an artist residency (finishing November 2019)

Short Film ‘CHLORINE’ premiering at Sydney Film Festival on 11th June 2019.

Director: Melissa Anastasi

Producer: Jessica Carrera (Dollhouse Pictures)

Before I Go .jpg

SBS - 9 February 2019


My latest collaboration with Sydney Dance Company Studios and choreographer Prue Lang, New Breed - Towards Innumerable Futures, is opening Thursday 29 November at Carriageworks, Sydney and run until 8 December.

A few shots from my Australian tour in Melbourne, Sydney and Canberra, performing Live my Original Soundtrack for silent horror film ‘Vampyr’, directed by Carl Theodor Dreyer in 1932.

This project was done in collaboration with the Goethe Institut in September 2018.

I have teamed up with Nylon Studios in Sydney and I am part of the database of Women Composers just launched by Free The Bid (September 2018).

Have a look at my reel here.

Snippet of my interview for documentary Now Sound, about the contemporary music scene in Melbourne. Screened at MIFF in August 2018.

Teaser of my Original Soundtrack for silent movie Vampyr (1932). A collaboration with the Goethe Institut Australia.

Performing the OST Live on these dates:

21 Sep - ACMI, Melbourne -

26 Sep - George Event Cinema, Sydney -

28 Sep - NFSA, Canberra -


18 August 2018 - Live Piano performance at The Forum, Melbourne, MIFF Festival Lounge (Melboure International Film Festival)

More Info here:

Palmes D'Or Award, Cannes International Film Festival 2018

I just returned from Cannes, where the latest film I scored won Palme D'Or at Cannes Film Festival.

All These Creatures

Directed by Charles Williams

September 2018 - Live electronic soundtrack for silent film Vampyr in collaboration with Goethe Institute Australia. 

Performance dates: 

21 Sep 2018: Melbourne, ACMI
26 Sep 2018: Sydney, Event Cinemas George Street
28 Sep 2018: Canberra, NFSA



Workshop on Live Performances at Melbourne Electronic Sound Studio.

Doing a workshop at Melbourne Electronic Sound Studio in May - see here for details

6pm, Wednesday May 2nd 2018.

I will be talking people through my live performance set-ups and the processes involved in preparing materials for live performance. This combination of insights into my studio practice and how that translates to live performance will be full of handy software and harware tips.

12 Mar 2018

Nice review of my new EP from Juno:

After bringing Kangaroo Skull and Cale Sexton to light on previous releases, Temporal Cast once again provides a platform for lesser known talent with this, their third release. Born in Italy and based in Australia, Chiara Kickdrum has only had one digi-only EP out in her name previously, so this release marks a big milestone for her. "Pulsar" is a subtle and refined opening gambit, using a reduced set of cyclical rhythms and draping distant pad notes over the top of it for a perfect exercise in techno elegance. "Moebius" is at the other end of the spectrum, all bloated drums and cavernous reverb decays creating a monolithic atmosphere. "Anomaly" meanwhile maximises on negative space, using a dry drum palette and keeping things firmly submerged - the whole EP is a masterclass of restraint and control.

You can listen and buy the record HERE

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MESS Artist Residency 

At the end of last year I had the privilege of doing a 6-week artist residency at MESS (Melbourne Electronic Sound Studio).


During my residency I have produce hours of material with some of the oldest analog and modular synthesizers, as well as some of the newest digital pieces of hardware , such as the Buchla, the Roland Jupiter 8 polyphonic synth and the Doepfer Darktime sequencer .

Some of the recordings will be released on the MESS Label this year. 

Here's a selection of unreleased recordings:

Temporal Cast .jpg

EP Release

My new EP coming out on 2 March on Australian label Temporal Cast can be purchased Juno from 28 February 2018


Kiki and Kitty, ABC Comedy

Late last year I have composed the music for one of the new comedy shows on ABC, Kiki and Kitty.

Listen to my theme song HERE

Stream all episodes HERE

Live techno set at the 26th Meredith Music Festival, Victoria, Australia, December 2016